26 October 2024

Seven Truths the Creation Account Teaches Us

Dive deep into the key first three chapters of Genesis to discover biblical truths that form the foundation for properly understanding the human condition, and God's unfolding plan of salvation.

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Us and Us: Sometimes we can help; sometimes we need help.

By Dr. Tim Standish. Available in other languages at: https://www.adventistworld.org/

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Building and reaffirming faith

Perhaps the most important role of pastoral leadership is to inspire confidence among the members in God’s providential leading in the past and His divine guidance for the future.

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A historical review of the creation debate

Two different views in regard to the creation record of Genesis 1 have prevailed in the Adventist Church.

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Creation in the New Testament (PDF)

In this paper by Ekkehardt Mueller we will take a look at the NT references to creation, discuss the contribution of Jesus and his disciples to the theology of creation, and draw some conclusions for our present situation

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Creation and Flood implications of the first angel’s message in Revelation 14:7

Recent New Testament research by Jon Paulien, professor of New Testament,2 shows that the language of the last part of Revelation 14:7, “ ‘worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea’ ” (NASB), alludes to the language of the fourth commandment in Exodus 20:11.3

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Is Faith Scientific?

I find this fascinating – just as a theist (one who believes in God) accepts by faith that God exists and created all things, so the atheist (one who does not believe in God) accepts by blind faith, despite the laws of science to the contrary, that somehow the universe and life just happened!

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On What Day Was Planet Earth Created?

In reading and understanding the Scripture, it is just as important to understand what the Bible says as what it does not say. In the current debate about origins, this is especially true of the creation account in Gen 1:1 - 2:3. We seek to understand exactly what this passage teaches and does not teach.

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The case for creationism: Fifty scientists speak out

Evolutionary theory holds that life on earth began when a mixture of chemicals in an ancient warm pond formed living cells by chance. Over billions of years, these cells evolved into the diversity of plants, animals, and humans that presently live on earth. Some scientists, however, now admit that new research in several different areas demonstrates that such "particles-to-people" evolution is impossible. Life and its supporting ecosystems must have been created over a very short time possibly a few days.

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The Sabbath in the Old Testament Psalms and Wisdom Literature

In previous scholarly studies which present a biblical theology of the Sabbath, the Old Testament hymnic/wisdom literature has usually been either entirely overlooked or else only cursorily treated.[1] While it is true that few references/allusions to the Sabbath appear in the OT Psalms and Wisdom Literature, I have become convinced that those few references/allusions make a significant contribution to the overall theology of the Sabbath in Scripture.

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Creation Leads Evolutionist to Believe in God

Last year the AWR film team was working in Russia recording stories of individuals whose lives were totally changed by listening to the “Voice of Hope” broadcasts. In one interview a man who had been a communist atheist told us the interesting story of what led him to believe in God.

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