22 October 2022

Children and Youth

The Creation Detectives

Join the Creation Detectives—Peter, Diane, James, Pr. Max and their intrepid dog Poirot. Available in multiple languages, in PDF and EPUB formats.


Family Websites

Creatures Teach Us

Creatures, Teach Us! is a fun, nature series hosted by children for children.

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Children's Videos

Creation (Genesis 1-2)

By Saddleback Kids - This is the story of how God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it.

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A Minute Outdoors - Morel Mushroom

Meet our friend, John Henri Rorabeck at #AMinuteOutdoors as he talks about Morels.

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A Minute Outdoors - Why Does Soil Smell Like That?

Join John Henri Rorabeck at #AMinuteOutdoors and learn why soil smells like it does.

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Children's Stories

The Black Bear

Learn about the amazing black bears

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The Sunflower

The cheerful sunflower is more complex than you think.

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