26 October 2024

Creation Leads Evolutionist to Believe in God

Benjamin D. Schoun

Andrey had been an atheist since he was a child. That's what nearly everyone was in communist Russia in those days. As he grew, he developed an interest in things of science. In school he was taught that humans evolved from lower forms of life. The earth and life on earth just "happened" to develop by a series of random events over many millions of years. Evolution was considered fact, as it continues to be in many parts of the world today.

One day, when Andrey was about 18 years old, he obtained a radio and began listening to it. By "chance," he says, he heard a program that was talking about the creation of the world. It was the Voice of Hope program broadcast by Adventist WorldRadio. It caught his interest, and he continued to listen intently to the series of broadcasts on creation. He had never heard of the concept of the creation of this world by someone called God, especially in six literal days.

This idea prompted him to find a Bible, where he could read about it for himself. He began to evaluate the two ideas: evolution, which he believed, and creation, that he was hearing for the first time. The more he heard, the more he was impressed by this new idea. He said, "The sophistication of nature seems to require that it was created by a god who had a design." He continued to listen and study for several years.

Andrey concluded,

"The concept of creation is much more consistent and reasonable than the concept of evolution, and this" he said, "Is what led me to a belief in God."

Andrey joined a Bible study group and experienced the creative power of God changing his life in areas where he had been unsuccessful in his previous efforts. He soon began comparing churches, which ultimately led him to choose the Seventh-day Adventist Church. At 25 years of age, he was baptized. He says, "All that I can say now is that my life is a blessed one."