We have some resources that will help you in your planning for Creation Sabbath at your church.

Planning Points

Let’s imagine that you and several others are asked to plan the worship service for Creation Sabbath. What should you do to make this special Sabbath inherent with praise for our Creator God?


First of all, carefully outline this hour of worship. As you plan, ask the Holy Spirit to guide so that God will be the focus of worship. Then, schedule a variety of church members (age, gender, nationality, for instance) to participate in the worship service and give the participants ample time to prepare for their part.


Because the theme encapsulates Creation Sabbath, we need to consider how we can make that theme central in our worship experience. Let’s keep in mind that the purpose of Creation Sabbath comprises featuring creation and the Creator God—not a Sabbath when we debate about creation versus evolution. Certainly, we may wish to refer to the two conflicting explanations of how life started but worship should focus on the Author of our conception on this special Creation Sabbath. We may wish to inquire of those who participate in planning this worship emphasis: What does it mean that God is our Creator? Worship should focus on this central theme.


Hundreds of Scripture passages focus on God as our Creator. In fact, one of our scientists, Dr. Timothy Standish of the Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda, California, United States, once decided to read the Bible and make a list of all the texts that refer to creation. We have posted these Scripture references on this website under the “Resources” then “Scriptures” tabs. You may wish to have several individuals—old, young, or both—read a number of these passages. Involve the young people in some aspect of the church service. Throughout the world, many hymnals also have responsive reading sections that you may want to consider. Let’s make Scripture central in our worship.


God desires to hear our petitions, but prayer includes much more than just telling God of our needs. Prayer becomes an opportunity for us to praise God—God our Creator. In prayer, we thank Him for being involved in each of our lives. God knows and loves each of us.

Imagine the whole congregation participating in prayer. The person who leads in the main prayer can also lead the entire congregation in the Lord’s Prayer. The opening words, “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name,” (Matt. 6:9) brings peace to our souls for we belong to this holy God.

Children’s Story

Be creative and plan well for the children’s story. We have posted children’s story suggestions on this website under the “Resources” then “Children’s Stories” tabs.


Find hymns and songs that focus on Creation, the Sabbath, and, most important, on God. If you have a choir, discuss the plans in advance for this special Sabbath with the choir director so that they have adequate time to prepare. Again, consider using young people by selecting them to lead, or be involved in the singing or having them perform a special selection. We have posted hymn suggestions on this website under the “Resources” then “Hymns and Responsive Readings” tabs


Because every part of the worship service has focused on God as Creator, the sermon should, of course, be on the same theme. The Bible has many rich passages that focus on God as our Creator so the speaker will have an abundance of material from which to work. We have posted sermons on this website under the “Resources” then “Sermons” tabs. We know that many pastors around the world have several congregations, so it may be a lay person presenting the sermon that particular day. Please share this material with that individual to also use as a part of their study.

Need More Help?

We have shared the major points that a group planning for Creation Sabbath may wish to consider, but much more can be featured such as congregational readings, skits, and special music—let the Lord lead you in the possibilities. The planning group should provide the leadership and build enthusiasm for this special Sabbath. Please browse through this whole website and you will find a variety of helpful material.


We have a wonderful collection of articles by authors including John T. Baldwin, Gerhard Pfandl, Ekkehardt Mueller, Richard M. Davidson, Peter A. McGowan, John Ashton, and Benjamin Schoun.

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Authors of these sermons include Gordon Bietz, Ekkehardt Mueller, Zdravko Stafanovic, James Gibson, Herb Kersten, Dave Manzano, Thomas Grove, and Gary R. Councell.

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Timothy Standish has put together this collection of scripture relating to creation.

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We have a collection of creation videos that you will not want to miss!

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Children's Stories

Three possibilities for the children's story: The Sunflower, the Black Bear, and the Aqua Lung Spider.

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Hymns and Responsive Readings

For Creation Sabbath, a collection of hymns and responsive readings from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, and more

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Past Events

Learn about past Creation Sabbath events. See videos, and see pictures of how other churches have celebrated, and get inspired.

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Find additional resources, inspiration, or information from partner organizations.

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