24 October 2020


Is There a Scientific Conflict Between the Theory of Darwinian Evolution and the Fossil Record?

Darwin saw evolution as a slow and steady process with species gradually transforming into new species over long time. He thought that the fossil record should provide evidence for his theory. However, the needed evidence proved to be elusive.

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Design in the Universe

Interested in learning more about the strengths of design arguments, as well as some cautions? This article will provide valuable perspectives: https://www.grisda.org/design-in-the-physical-universe-1

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Absolutely Awn-some

A new short video produced by The John 10:10 Project exquisitely illustrates stunning design features in the seed of a plant.

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Swiss Alps

Photo gallery of features of geologic and paleontologic interest.

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Austrian Alps

Photo gallery of features of geologic and paleontologic interest

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God and Science

Conference series held via Zoom from May 24 to May 30, 2020, with multiple contributions on various topics of interest in the discussion of origins.

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What can we learn from pterosaurs about the origin of groups of animals? Which patterns in the fossil record do they illustrate? Explore more in this article: https://www.grisda.org/pterosaurs-of-the-triassic-1

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What Do I Say Now?

Have you ever been asked a question about science and faith, and you thought: "SO, WHAT DO I SAY NOW?". This series offers you answers about origins that you may not have learned in school, but are still based on science.

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Of Fingerprints and Galaxies

Original short film released by The John 10:10 Project helps us appreciate the vastness of the universe.

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Creation Detectives: The Flooded Desert

A comic book narrating an adventurous journey of discovery based on real research.

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