26 October 2019


The Christian and Big Bang Cosmology

Does the Big Bang Theory integrate directly with the biblical cosmogony? Should individual Christians feel intellectually obligated to adopt and defend the Big Bang Theory? Article published on Perspective Digest, v.24/4.

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How Can Miracles Be Possible?

The denial of miracles is a recent phenomenon based on how modernity has chosen to understand the workings of nature and what is possible in it. Belief in a personal God (theism), however, argues that through God’s actions, an event that is naturally impossible can be transformed into a real historical event. This article was originally published in Perspective Digest, v. 24/2.

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Cambrian Explosion

What is the Cambrian explosion? Why was Darwin puzzled by it? Learn more about this topic in this short article: https://www.grisda.org/cambrian-explosion-and-darwins-doubt-1

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Biblical Creation and Ancient Near Eastern Evolutionary Ideas

Ancient Near Eastern views should be considered part of the history of the idea of evolution. The biblical Creation account, in describing the divine actions through which God actually brought the cosmos into existence, was likely deconstructing the alternative theories or speculations of origins available in the Ancient Near East. Consequently, the biblical narrative can be used as well to deconstruct contemporary cosmogonies and evolution. This article was originally published on Perspective Digest, v.24/3.

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Cnidarian Venom Evolution: Nothing New Under the Sun

Cnidarians appear to have recruited as toxins the same kinds of proteins recruited by many other venomous animals. However, toxin diversity within groups of organisms does not appear to be related to the alleged evolutionary history of the various groups.

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Dinosaur Research Draws Acclaim

Positive developments for the excavation project run by Southwestern Adventist University

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