24 October 2020


God and Science

Conference series starting on May 24, with multiple live streaming options

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What can we learn from pterosaurs about the origin of groups of animals? Which patterns in the fossil record do they illustrate? Explore more in this article: https://www.grisda.org/pterosaurs-of-the-triassic-1

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What Do I Say Now?

Have you ever been asked a question about science and faith, and you thought: "SO, WHAT DO I SAY NOW?". This series offers you answers about origins that you may not have learned in school, but are still based on science.

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Of Fingerprints and Galaxies

Original short film released by The John 10:10 Project helps us appreciate the vastness of the universe.

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Creation Detectives: The Flooded Desert

A comic book narrating an adventurous journey of discovery based on real research.

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Pseudogenes at Work

Pseudogenes are important in gene regulation and other activities.

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“Silent” Substitutions Make a Difference

Changing a DNA sequence can affect a protein even if it does not change the amino acid sequence.

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