24 October 2020


Two approaches in geology

Learn more about the ups and downs of the concepts of catastrophism and uniformitarianism in geology from this article: https://www.grisda.org/the-role-of-catastrophes-in-scientific-thinking-1

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An Everyday Miracle

Few events in nature can rival the extraordinary life cycle of a butterfly. This stunning transformation from a slow, earth-bound caterpillar to a magnificent flying insect is the epitome of mystery and wonder. Through breathtaking photography and cutting edge research you’ll explore this miracle of God’s creation in a way you’ll never forget.

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Want to learn more about a creationist approach to biogeography? read this introductory article: https://www.grisda.org/creation-flood-and-biogeography-part-1

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Dinosaurs and Dust

Climatic effects of the impact and volcanism scenarios for the extinction of dinosaurs are investigated in a modelling paper.

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Stasis Is Not Evolution

A Cambrian fossil worm shows only minor differences from species still living, an example of family stasis.

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Darwin’s Cost

Species may undergo minor adaptation through Darwinian processes, but this comes at the cost of genetic deterioration.

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Is There a Scientific Conflict Between the Theory of Darwinian Evolution and the Fossil Record?

Darwin saw evolution as a slow and steady process with species gradually transforming into new species over long time. He thought that the fossil record should provide evidence for his theory. However, the needed evidence proved to be elusive.

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Design in the Universe

Interested in learning more about the strengths of design arguments, as well as some cautions? This article will provide valuable perspectives: https://www.grisda.org/design-in-the-physical-universe-1

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