23 October 2021

Science News

James M. Tour's Lecture at Andrews University Available on YouTube

On September 3, 2020, the Andrews University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry invited Dr. James M. Tour for an online guest lecture on the origins of life. Watch Tour’s brilliant presentation on his YouTube channel.

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New Publication on Dinosaur Bonebed

Peer-reviewed research highlights findings of decades of dinosaur bone excavation.

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How Many Brains Do We Have?

New study of neuronal diversification reveals the complexity of the gut's brain

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Solid Dome

Is it true that the ancient Hebrews had a naïve view of the physical world, with a solid, hemispherical dome or vault that rested upon mountains or pillars that stood along the outermost perimeter of a circular, flat disk—the earth? Did they believe the dome also possessed windows or gates through which celestial waters (“waters above the firmament”) could, upon occasion, pass? Read this article for an in depth analysis of the history of this perception of ancient Hebrew cosmology and to see if it is truly presented in the Biblical text: https://www.grisda.org/myth-of-the-solid-heavenly-dome

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Creation Lab

Experience different aspects of God's creation through this educational series of short videos for kids. Review each of the days of creation week to discover lessons in physics, chemistry, biology, and the Bible, through engaging experiments and illustrations.

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Struggle for life

We observe evidence of both strife and cooperation among living beings. Learn more about different ways of making sense of this evidence from nature in this short article: https://www.grisda.org/red-in-tooth-and-claw-1

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Virtual Conference on Creation

Organized by the Core Academy of Science, this online event titled "Creation Celebration" was held on November 6 and 7, 2020, with numerous speakers form the creationist community.

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Super Starlings

It is considered to be one of the most thrilling displays of animal behavior on earth – a hundred thousand starlings in flight. These small birds gather into highly coordinated formations, while moving at speeds up to 50mph. But how is such precision possible without instruction or practice? Science is now opening doors to this fascinating mystery with breathtaking evidence for intelligent design.

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18 Trillion Feet of You

Enter a living human cell to discover a world of unimaginable precision, complexity and design.

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Two approaches in geology

Learn more about the ups and downs of the concepts of catastrophism and uniformitarianism in geology from this article: https://www.grisda.org/the-role-of-catastrophes-in-scientific-thinking-1

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