24 October 2020

Plan Your Event

Resources that will help in your planning for Creation Sabbath at your church.

Register an Event

Hosting a Creation Sabbath Event? Let us know so others can find you and join in your celebration.

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Find an Event

Find a Creation Sabbath celebration near you.

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Authors of these sermons include Gordon Bietz, Ekkehardt Mueller, Zdravko Stafanovic, James Gibson, Herb Kersten, Dave Manzano, Thomas Grove, and Gary R. Councell.

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Timothy Standish has put together this collection of scripture relating to creation.

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Hymns and Responsive Readings

All hymns and responsive readings listed below come from “The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal” (Washington DC: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1985):

(For copyright reasons, we cannot provide links to all suggested hymns.)

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Children and Youth

Stories, activities and links that showcase creation.

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We have a collection of creation videos that you will not want to miss!

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We have a wonderful collection of articles by authors including John T. Baldwin, Gerhard Pfandl, Ekkehardt Mueller, Richard M. Davidson, Peter A. McGowan, John Ashton, and Benjamin Schoun.

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Helpful Links

Find additional resources, inspiration, or information from partner organizations.

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Past creation events

Learn about past Creation Sabbath events. See videos, and see pictures of how other churches have celebrated, and get inspired.

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