24 October 2020

Plan Your Event

Resources that will help in your planning for Creation Sabbath at your church.


Authors of these sermons include Gordon Bietz, Ekkehardt Mueller, Zdravko Stafanovic, James Gibson, Herb Kersten, Dave Manzano, Thomas Grove, and Gary R. Councell.

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Timothy Standish has put together this collection of scripture relating to creation.

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Hymns and Responsive Readings

All hymns and responsive readings listed below come from “The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal” (Washington DC: Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1985):

(For copyright reasons, we cannot provide links to all suggested hymns.)

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Children and Youth

Stories, activities and links that showcase creation.

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We have a collection of creation videos that you will not want to miss!

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We have a wonderful collection of articles by authors including John T. Baldwin, Gerhard Pfandl, Ekkehardt Mueller, Richard M. Davidson, Peter A. McGowan, John Ashton, and Benjamin Schoun.

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Helpful Links

Find additional resources, inspiration, or information from partner organizations.

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Past creation events

Learn about past Creation Sabbath events. See videos, and see pictures of how other churches have celebrated, and get inspired.

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